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Why Wicked Campervan Rental Africa

Why rent a Wicked campervan in Africa?

Here are 5 reasons why Wicked Campervans are economical for a Budget Holiday Road Trip:

1. Personal travelling time and schedule.
With Wicked Campervans, you don't have to worry about missing the domestic flights anymore. Start and stop your journey anytime and just about anywhere you want, and enjoy the extra privacy fun (loud music, sing along, chatters, hanky panky, etc.) on the way. On top of your own schedule, you drive as far as you want as you get unlimited kilometres and roadside assistance.

2. Great for larger groups or family outings especially with kids.
Sometimes the car that you drive everyday to work is not the type of car that you should drive on a road trip. Say if you are taking your kids or friends on a camping trip, you will need a car that can carry all the passengers and luggage. Whether it's for camping or sightseeing, renting a campervan offers the flexibility to get the right type of vehicle for the right occasion. Plus, being able to personalize your travelling time and schedule makes travelling in larger groups easier and more comfortable.

3. Enjoy the luxury of driving stylish vehicles.
For those of us who just love cars and driving, wouldn't it be fun to drive in a different car every once in a while? Wicked Campervans are kitted out with an eating area with a table that converts to a double bed, storage boxes, complete kitchen and very comfortable seats for that long drive. It's a holiday after all, so enjoy it!

4. Connect with our Friends along the road.
Wicked Campers Africa has created friendships across Southern Africa with Backpacker Lodges. After a long days drive you stop off at any of the Wicked Friends and take in all the facilities they have to offer. You can park and sleep on their premises in your Campervan as they will spot you as a Wicked Traveller and make your stay as comfortable as possible.

5. Make a statement.
Wicked Campervans want you to enjoy your trip by supplying you with a vehicle that has as much of it’s own character as it’s driver. The vans are custom sprayed by South Africa’s most well-known Graffiti artist, so a lot of passion and detail goes into the design that will get a lot of attention on your trip.

Go check out the Camper Features to see what the fuss is all about...

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