Namibia Campervan Hire

Campervan Advise for Namibia

Namibia No Go Zone

Namibia is a harsh climate on vehicles when it comes to heat and dirt, 2 things when combined, don’t go well with any vehicle.

In order to have a safe journey and avoid extra costs where it can be avoided, then the following should be adhered to:

  1. Stick to the speed limit of 80 km/h on tar roads.
  2. Use your common sense when choosing a road. YOU ARE NOT IN A 4WD. Breaking down in the middle of nowhere, does not make for a good adventure.
  3. Do not drive at night as there are little to no street lights and wild animals roam the highways. Always beware of animals on the road, even in the middle of the desert.
  4. The recommended speed is 60 km/h on gravel roads. Gravel roads are so good & smooth you might give in to temptation to overspeed - be careful. Your Camper has a higher centre of gravity than any other vehicle, making it easier to roll. So keep an eye on the road and avoid any sudden swerving or braking. It is very easy to lose control of the car on a gravel road! The Wicked Camper is not a 4x4 or Rally car. IF YOU HAVE AN ACCIDENT OVER 70KM/HR ON DIRT ROADS, YOU NEGATE ANY DAMAGE LIABILITY AND YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR FULL COSTS/DAMAGE (incl. TOWING OF VAN TO NEAREST WICKED DEPOT AND LOSS OF HIRE)
  5. After travelling on dirt roads always stop at a car wash to clean the vehicle (inside, outside, engine bay and undercarriage). This will keep the vehicle operational for the duration of your journey. This also prevents costly damage that could have been avoided by a simple cheap car wash.
  6. Always keep an eye on the car temperature as the dirt build up increases the engine heat.
  7. Do not tailgate (drive close to the car in front of you) on any road as the vehicle may be damaged by gravel-blasting and flying stones.
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