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Your Camper

Your Camper has a name and it’s own style. We have a stringent maintenance schedule as well to make sure our Campers are healthy. Whilst you are travelling with your camper there is some simple care you need to look after. Most important though is to not take your Camper where it shouldn’t go.

  1. Any and all repairs to the Camper need to be approved by Wicked Campers before any work is carried out on our vehicles! Failure to do may result in cancellation of your hire with no refund.
  2. When travelling in dusty areas and dirt roads, be sure to get your undercarriage washed as well as your engine bay. This simple and inexpensive care can save you thousands of dollars. Costly damage can be avoided by simply getting an inexpensive wash.
  3. When you stop at a fuel station, get the service attendants to use the air pump to blow out dust on the brakes.
  4. Check oil and water every day.
  5. If you notice something is wrong or think something is wrong, call us before it turns into something expensive.
  6. Damage to tyres will be paid by the customer. You can avoid extra costs by ensuring tyre pressure is correct and that you drive on suitable roads.
  7. There is no Windscreen cover in the insurance. You are liable for any damage to windscreen. Chips in windscreen will be charged per chip. ANY crack will require full replacement and will be charged to you.
  8. Damage caused by neglecting to carry out the above will negate your insurance and you will be liable for full costs including loss of hire income while vehicle is repaired.

We do not have many breakdowns due to the high maintenance we have on our Campers, but in 95% of cases the breakdown could have been avoided by following the above advice.

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